April 2024 Newsletter



Our digital triaging platform was successfully launched on 31 January 2024 and has brought about significant changes for both patients and staff.

While we continue to learn the best ways to utilise this system, we are pleased to say that it has already greatly reduced appointment wait times, and our call queue wait times have decreased substantially.

We understand for some completing an Amina enquiry can be lengthy but this should become easier once we all become more familiar with the system. The reason the form collates so much information is because your answers to the questions that are tailored for different conditions will help the surgery better determine how quickly you need an appointment.

For more help and tips on how to use Anima, please visit the FAQ page on our new look website where you can find helpful instructional videos. Additionally, you can provide feedback directly to Anima. Please be aware that whatever information you enter on the triage form will be permanently saved to your medical record. This information is used to determine the necessary actions and timings for your next steps.

We would like to take this opportunity to emphasise that our reception staff care about you and want to help. Please show them kindness and note abuse towards our staff is strictly prohibited.

We hope to share data with you all soon on the reduction for calls and wait time.



A vaccination is available to prevent shingles. 

Eligibility for the Shingles National Immunisation Programme

How old is your patient?


50 and over

with a severely weakened immune system (severely immuno-compromised) - (Patients receiving a stem cell transplant may be eligible from age 18.)

They're eligible now

Turning 65 from 1st September 2023

They'll be eligible from their 65th birthday.

70 to 79

They're eligible now.

Not Eligible

Under 50 with a severely weakened immune system

Those aged 65 to 69 years before 1st September 2023 are not eligible until their 70th birthday.

80 and over


MMR - Measles 

Get measles jabs to stop disease spreading – View local information on this important vaccine


Advice on spring Covid 2024 vaccination

In spring 2024, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) advises that a COVID-19 vaccine should be offered to: adults aged 75 years and over, residents in a care home , for older adults, individuals aged 6 months and over who are immunosuppressed (as defined in tables 3 or 4 in the COVID-19 chapter of the Green Book).

For updates on booking please check here


Patient Satisfaction Survey 2024

The PPG conducted a successful patient satisfaction survey in March 2023, and we're eager to replicate this effort. However, with new systems currently undergoing implementation, we believe it's prudent to allow time for these to settle. Therefore, we plan to relaunch the survey later in the year, incorporating essential questions, particularly those concerning patient access and where you feel we can do better.

Published: Apr 3, 2024