Request a Fitness for Work Form

If you are off work sick for seven days or less, you will need to self-certificate.

If you are off work for more than seven days, you will need a medical certificate from your doctor.

For more information on how sick pay works please click here

Fit notes are also sometimes called doctor's notes, sick notes, medical certificates or doctor's statements. 

Sick Certification


How to get a sick note

Medical certificate notes must be signed by a doctor. The GP can give you advice to help you return to work whilst also helping you to recover from an illness or injury.

If you’ve already spoken to your GP about the problem before, they may be able to issue the sick note without having to speak with you. Please send your request via e-consult or ask at reception or email us on  

If you have not seen a doctor at the practice and we have had no information from a medical professional about your illness, you will not be able to get a certificate without an appointment. Please book a routine appointment; urgent appointments are only provided for genuine medical emergencies and not for the purpose of certificates.

In either case there are rules governing the issue of sick certificates and the GP may not be able to supply one, depending on the information you provide.

When Your Sick Note Runs Out 

If your certificate runs out, but you are still sick, you will need to consult the doctor again before you can get a further certificate.

Fit certificates can be back-dated so it is not necessary to make an emergency appointment to renew your certificate. If you attend an emergency appointment for the purpose of getting a medical certificate you will be asked to rebook.


Charges For Sick Notes

There is usually no charge for providing a fit note if you are off sick for more than seven days.

Some employers may request a fit note (e.g. from employees who repeatedly take time off sick) even if they are off work for seven days or less. This is a private non-NHS medical certificate and there will be a £30 charge.